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	Broadsheet Access Winter Feast presented by Mastercard Priceless

Broadsheet Access Winter Feast presented by Mastercard Priceless

Broadsheet Access and Mastercard Priceless have joined forces to bring you an immersive Winter feast with some of Australia's best chefs, celebrating the seasonal change and the abundance of produce that accompanies it. Join Lennox Hastie, Analise Gregory, James Viles, and Jo Barrett as each chef prepares a dish as part of this one-of-a-kind experience.


We are celebrating the winter solstice with another one of our seasonal feasts. Join us at Birrarung Marr along Melbourne’s Yarra River as our chefs take to the fire in a cook-up like no other. Leading the fire, Lennox Hastie will showcase his skills and teach you about the principles of cooking over flame. Analise Gregory will bring over the best Tasmanian crustaceans, grilling lobsters and abalone for you to enjoy, while James Viles serves up foraged greens. Jo Barrett will finish off the feast with a quince pudding baked over the fire and topped with liquorice ice cream.


Regional winemaker and owner of Daylesford’s Bar Merinda, Andy Ainsworth, will join the chefs to curate a matched wine menu, showcasing his own produce and wines from the area.


A Q&A will be hosted with our national editor Michael Harry, where you will hear from each of the chefs about what they cooked and why. There will also be an in-depth discussion between James Viles and Melbourne Walks, who host foraging tours with the likes of Bruce Pascoe. This is your chance to learn about how to pick from local areas.


Melbourne Walks will collaborate with local florist Hattie Malloy to create installations throughout the space, showcasing local and native floral species.


Secure your spot via the link below. Tickets are available for $220 – follow the link below.

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